Advanced TechniquesHyperhidrosis is excessive sweating due to overactive sweat glands and primarily occurs in the axilla, palms of the hands and soles of feet.

Hyperhydrosis can be due to number of medical conditions. Dr Bejma is a General Practitioner and trained in the assessment and can determine need for further invastigation. 
Treatment of Hyperhidrosis involves injection of small amount of muscle relaxant, same as we use for anti-wrinkle treatment. Usually 15-20 injections is needed and treatment takes 30-45 min. 
Prices on consultation. Please contact if you would like to know more about this treatment. 
Bruxism (teeth grinding ) is very common condition leading to headaches, facial pain, temporomandibular pain and damages the teeth. Botulinum A injection into masseter muscles means you are unable to bite down with same force.
Chronic migraine treatment with Botulinum A injection prevents on average 8 of 9 headaches. This is fully licensed treatment and can be only carried out by medical professionals. Please book consultation to discuss further.
Hand rejuvenation treatment aims to restore a more youthful appearance of your hand by restoring the loss of volume and reducing the appearance of prominent veins of the backs of the hands. Treatments include injections of dermal filler to plump up the skin of the hand. 
Please contact clinic if you are interested and wish to know more about treatment. Book your free consultation today.