At Poldent Dental Care, we prioritise the safety of our patients. In order to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness in our sterilisation process, we adhere to current national regulations regarding contamination, as defined by the HTM 01-05 regulations.
Key elements of our cleanliness and sterilisation standards:
  • Our reusable dentistry equipment are contained in a separate area intended for sterilisation. The tools are first thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using an ultrasonic bath. Following that, the tools are sterilised in a steam and vacuum B-Type autoclave, in order to remove any remaining bacteria and viruses. Ready to use and sterilised, the tools are contained in sealed, disposable gloves.
  • In order to ensure that all operations proceed without incident, all sterilisation tools are checked, services, and certified by external engineers.
  • Dentists and assistants use antibacterial agents to wash their hands, as well as disposable gloves that are replaced for every patient.
  • The members of the dentistry team utilise gloves and masks for all procedures. Those are later safely disposed of in a clinical waste bin. All patients are given a disposable bib and safety goggles. For surgeries, including implantology, we utilise disposable protective gear.
  • All surfaces that could come in contact with contaminated materials are disinfected with certified disinfection agents right before and after each procedure.