Children Dentistry

At Poldent, we have great success in dealing with paediatric dentistry – pedodontics. We accept children of all ages and we offer adaptive appointments, prevention and treatment of milk teeth. Our Specialists make sure that our little patients are feeling safe and comfortable and treatments are done fast and pain-free. What’s important, our weekend appointments can prevent children from missing school in order to see the dentist.

When to start?

In order to learn healthy habits early, the first appointment should take place when the child is 18 months at the latest. Next appointments should be scheduled for every 3 to 6 months depending on the Dentist’s recommendation. By doing that, we are slowly familiarizing the child with a surgery and are lowering the chances of negative association with the Dentist, which is often a problem in many of our older patients. This system helps prevent the situation where child’s first appointment is due to a hurting tooth, which can make the treatment significantly harder and cause bad memories.

Of course, it is not an impasse should this happen, but it requires much more work from the child as well as the parent and a dentist. Luckily, our specialists are well trained to deal with those situations, starting by comforting the upset child, familiarizing him with tools and the new place and then performing the procedure with a child’s consent. We do not perform „forceful” treatments – instead we make sure that the child feels safe and try to create a strong and long relationship for the future without screaming and pain.


Sadly, there is a common misconception amongst the parents that treating milk teeth is not worth it. Our goal is to prove to them that:

  • Caries in milk teeth increase the risk of caries in adult teeth
  • One of the effects of untreated caries in milk teeth is not only the pain, but also malocclusion.
  • Unaesthetically decayed teeth can cause child problems amongst his peers, making him a target of bullying
  • Loosing even one milk tooth before it reaches its period of physiological replacement, causes impaired mandibular function and adversely affects the development of bones and facial muscles.

What do we offer?

For the sake of our youngest patients, at Poldent we offer:

  • Adaptive appointments/Check-ups – these are short appointments during which a child has a chance to familiarize themselves with new surroundings of a dental practice. The little one has a chance to look around, touch the dental tools and machines which we work on. Ride on a dental chair is a main attraction during these events! If the child feels safe enough, the dentist will perform a standard check-up during the appointment. The appointment is kept in a cheerful and safe atmosphere.
  • Pain-free treatments – we make sure that our patients do not feel any pain by applying a taste-free numbing gel on top of the gums and a local anaesthetic when necessary.
  • Prevention – we offer fissure sealants as well as fluoride treatments; our little patients are also instructed on how to properly take care of their teeth to learn the secrets of oral hygiene.

After every appointment, our little patients are given a little reward which is a sticker with their favourite superhero or a princess. For the bravest of them all, Mrs. Kasia from reception prepares special little gifts.

Fissure Sealant

Fissure Sealant is basically sealing the furrows of the teeth to prevent future caries – the treatment is done on both milk and adult teeth. It is a very simple, pain-free procedure that lasts only a few minutes. It is very important to perform the procedure as soon as babies’ teeth are erupted. Sealed teeth are flat and therefore easy to keep clean without food sticking in the grooves.


Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment is a local application of a product with high fluoride concentration both on milk and adult teeth. It is one of the most effective ways to strengthen the teeth and prevent caries. How often it needs to be done, is decided by a dentist and is individual for each patient, depending on the risk of caries, state of teeth, diet, age and health of the patient as well as fluoride intake from different sources.


Milk Teeth Treatment

In our clinic, we make sure that the products we use for fillings are safe and of the highest quality that look aesthetically and stay for a long time in children’s teeth. Our little patients can choose the colour of their filling and become owners of colourful smiles


Teeth Extractions

In case where treating the tooth is no longer possible, our final step is the extraction, which is performed pain-free and in a safe environment for the child.