In order to provide our patients with the best treatment effects, Poldent Dental Care also aims to give them the best diagnosis possible. In order to achieve that, we use a digital radiological imaging system, AKA X-rays.
Procedure details
By using X-rays, we can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the dentition state. This includes not only teeth, but also temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. An X-ray is a non-invasive and painless way to image all teeth and their connected structures, which allows us to make a very accurate diagnosis. Such tests make all the pathological change sin jaw bones completely visible, which lets us work with great precision. We utilise small X-rays with the RTG Villa lamp, RVG with the Kodak 5100, and panoramic X-rays (OPR) with Vatech devices.
X-rays are safe, but we always make certain to gather enough patient info before the procedure to find out if they can be safely examined. Our modern equipment utilises minimal X-ray exposure, which helps greatly reduce any risk of health issues for the patient. Our personnel is properly trained to perform X-rays with minimal radiation, so you can be confident that you’ll receive precise results without having to worry about your health.