Lip fillers

If you've always dreamed of perfect, plump lips, your dream can be made a reality with our incredible lip filler service. We offer some of the most reliable lip fillers in Leeds, guaranteeing that your lips will look more plump and youthful than ever before. Using hyaluronic acid solution injected in the dermis, we can make sure that your newly plumped lips look natural. 

What does the procedure look like? 

Before we start, we sit down with our patients to discuss their concerns and expectations. The procedure starts soon afterwards and lasts about 30 minutes. It involves the injection of a small amount of dermal filler. A thin needle is used for this, so you shouldn't feel pain, though some discomfort is possible. We do offer anaesthetic as an option, however - we can discuss it during the preliminary interview.

What happens after? 

Be prepared for swelling in the area of the injection for around 24 to 48 hours, with bruising possibly visible for as long as a week. We offer comprehensive aftercare advice, so you'll know what to expect. The results typically last 6 to 8 months. 
You should not undertake lip filler procedures if you are:

● pregnant or breastfeeding,
● allergic to lidocaline,
● had an allergic reaction to filler in the past,
● have hypertrophic scars or pigmentation-related diseases.