When it comes to maintaining a healthy smile, prevention is the best medicine. The only real way to ensure healthy teeth to the end of your life is taking proper care of them while they’re still healthy. Poldent Dental Care offers a range of preventive treatments that will help you preserve a healthy smile for many years to come.
The source of the problem
Most teeth problems stem from the accumulation of plaque. The remains of food and drink in your mouth form a plaque, causing calculus to accumulate and become hard to remove. You can remove regular plaque by brushing your teeth, but drinking tea and coffee, as well as eating intensely coloured meals, can lead to stains that can be hard to remove on your own. Regular air polishing and scaling can hinder plaque accumulation to a rate that won’t be quick enough to permanently damage the teeth.
Fluorisation - Fluoride Treatment
We also offer fluorisation treatment. This is a process that involves applying a special formula to teeth, e.g. paste, lacquer, or foam. As a result, enamel on your teeth is strengthened, and teeth sensitivity is brought down to regular levels. This procedure is completely safe, so it can be performed regardless of age. It is particularly recommended for children, as early prevention is extremely important.
Poldent offers comprehensive preventive treatments and it is advisable to attend hygiene session at least once a year. It is important to remember, that proper hygiene is the most important component of dental disease prevention. You should brush your teeth after every meal and floss daily, in order to gain a healthy smile for many years to come.