Teeth whitening


I want a whiter smile – what should I do?

In the era of social media and with cameras lurking everywhere, we always try to show our best features and look as good as possible on a daily basis. Countless studies show that our most remembered and noticed feature when meeting someone new is our smile. Moreover, recent studies suggest that over 95 percent of the population want whiter teeth. In our office, we utilise some of the best technologies so that we can offer the quickest and most effective solutions for teeth whitening in the Leeds and Wakefield area.

You have probably already asked yourself why your teeth get discoloured and there are several causes for this:
  • Food, drinks, smoking, and lifestyle in general
  • The environment, e.g. an excessive use of fluoride
  • Advancing age – the outer layer of your tooth enamel gets worn with age
  • Genetics – some people simply have lighter teeth than others
  • Poor dental hygiene – failing to properly remove stain-producing substances, such as coffee or tobacco
  • Some diseases and medications can affect enamel, which can lead to discolouration.

Teeth whitening in our surgery can be done with two different methods, depending on your own needs and budget. Before each of them, you will need to attend a consultation with a dentist, during which a full periodontal check-up will be carried out. Only after that appointment, the dentist will let you know, whether you can go ahead with the teeth whitening, which one will suit you best or whether you should under gone other treatment first – for example have caries removed, teeth restored.

For the best effect, the next step would be to visit our hygienist and undergone a hygienic session – here also, depending on the amount of plaque and tartar, the patient will be offered one of the three following treatments:

  • Air polish/scaling with teeth polishing
  • Professional teeth cleaning (includes air polish, scaling and polishing)
  • Periodontal full cleaning with local anaesthesia (under and over the gumline)


Which method to choose?

At Poldent Dental Care, we can offer two methods of teeth whitening, one of which is done in the surgery, the other can be done at your own home by yourself. It is important to note that existing prosthetic restorations, such as bridges, crowns, fillings, etc. will not be affected by the whitening procedure, no matter which one you choose. Should the contrast be noticeable, it is possible for us to replace the old prosthetics with whiter ones that will match the new whiteness of the teeth. 


Home Whitening Kit


Home whitening Kit is for those patients that do not need an immediate result. Teeth whitening effects are visible after few days/a week. This method is recommended for self-disciplined patient as it takes some patience and discipline to do the treatment every day on your own.


How does it work?

At the beginning, the dentist will prepare special trays that are individual for each patient and fitted to their own teeth. In order to do so, they will have to take the impressions of your teeth (usually it is done during your initial check-up, unless you need to undergo other treatment first). During your next appointment, which usually takes place about a week later, the patient is given the trays along with whitening gels for the home use – you will also be given instructions on how to use both the gels and trays.

The trays need to be worn daily over few hours or overnight for about 1-2 weeks, depending on dentists’ recommendation. Before you put the trays on, you need to insert the gel into them. If the gel leaks over your gums, the excess needs to be taken off with a tissue or a finger and a lower dosage needs to be applied the next time you use the trays. Before you use the trays, you need to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. Hypersensitivity to coldness during the whitening process may occur, but it only happens to a small percentage of patients.


What to do during teeth whitening treatment?

During the whole treatment, you are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, drink teeth-staining drinks (Pepsi, coffee, tea, blackcurrant juice etc) or eat teeth-staining food (products that are high in colorants such as jelly candy, beetroots etc). Moreover, whilst wearing the trays, it is not allowed to drink or eat, hence why it is usually recommended to wear them overnight. The trays need to be washed after each use, using a separate tooth brush and soap under the stream of cold water (do not use hot water as it will deform the shape of trays). After the treatment, for about two weeks’ time, you need to apply to rules of so called “white diet”.


How long will the effect last and what’s the price?

Effect of home whitening treatment can last up to 2 – 3 years, however it is dependable on your oral hygiene and the food you eat. The treatment can be repeated after 6 – 12 months, but not before that, and needs to be preceded by the check-up with the dentist.

Teeth Whitening home-kit in Poldent costs £295.


In-house teeth whitening – system BlancOne

Teeth whitening with system BlancOne takes places during the appointment and is done by our hygienist – Patrycja – after patient’s been qualified by the dentist. System BlancOne is a laser whitening treatment, where the effect is noticeable after just one session, so it is recommended for patients that want immediate effect.


How does it work?

Your whitening treatment will begin with the application of the whitening gel onto the surface of your teeth. System BlancOne doesn’t require us to shield your gums.  At Poldent dental care we offer two solutions for the BlancOne system.




BlancOne Click.

System Click is a 10-15minutes session, after which the effect is immediately visible. BlancOne Click is recommended for patients who never had their teeth whitened and those are afraid of hypersensitivity. Even though all BlancOne products practically do not cause sensitivity, BlancOne Click is definitely the most delicate out of them. Teeth whitening with system BlancOne Click can be done right after your hygienist session.

Few of the many benefits of BlncOne Click include:

  • Does not cause sensitivity
  • The treatments last up to 15minutes
  • Does not require shielding gums
  • Can be done right after your hygienist session
  • Does not dehydrate your teeth, leaving them shiny and smooth
  • Effect lasts up to 8 weeks*
  • Very sensile price, at Poldent you will only pay £95!


*lasting effect depends on many factors:

  • In non-smoking and non-drinking teeth-staining drinks (tea, coffee, red wine) patients, effect can last up to 3 months on average
  • In patients that are smoking and drinking teeth-staining drinks, effect can last up to 1 month on average

BlancOne Touch

System Touch is perfect for everyone, who wants to always have a beautiful and white smile. Because of the low dosage of peroxide and use under the supervision of trained, dental personnel system BlancOne Touch does not pose a threat to the teeth. Meaning, it can be safely used even 1-2 times a year and that your teeth will always be white and bright. BlancOne Touch requires a separate, longer appointment during which you will undergo 3x8 minutes sessions using the special lamp.

Benefits of system BlancOneTouch include:

  • Absolute safety and comfort
  • The whole treatment is 3 sessions over 8 minutes each
  • Does not require shielding gums
  • Immediate whitening effect
  • Resulsts can  last up to 9 months*

The cost of the treatment at Poldent Dental Care is £395.


*last effects depends on many factors:

- In non-smoking and non-drinking teeth staining drinks (tea, coffee, red wine) patients, results can lust up to 9 – 12 months on average.

- In patients that are smoking and drinking teeth-staining drinks, results can lat up to 3 – 6 months on average.


Recommendations after teeth-whitening with system BlancOne

After having your teeth whitened for about 7 – 10 weeks you need to stick to white diet. That means, that you should avoid teeth-staining drinks and products rich in colourants. It is not recommended to eat beetroot, jelly candy, colourful candy, chocolate and drink beetroot juices, tomato juices, red wine, coffee and tea. You should avoid smoking tobaccos products as well. All of this is necessary as your teeth are very sensitive to all sorts of staining after the treatment. Not following those recommendations might result in unsightly discolorations.

It is crucial to keep up the excelent oral hygiene in order for the results to last longer. Your teeth need to be brushed after each meal in order to prevent plaque. It is very important to floss your teeth as well.


What does the whitening effect depend on?

Your results after professional teeth whitening will definitely be visible, but they highly depend on the natural shade of your teeth as well as its sensitivity to whitening treatments. And this, unfortunately, is a very individual matter. Of course, keeping up with your oral hygiene and diet has a big effect on how long the results will last.


If you are from the Leeds or Wakefield area, book a teeth whitening appointment with us and see how effortless but effective our treatment is! Have a brighter smile and feel more confident today!
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