Teeth whitening

In the era of social media and with cameras lurking everywhere, we always try to show our best features and look as good as possible on a daily basis. Countless studies show that our most remembered and noticed feature when meeting someone new is our smile. Moreover, recent studies suggest that over 95 percent of the population want whiter teeth. In our office, we utilise some of the best technologies so that we can offer the quickest and most effective solutions for teeth whitening in the Leeds and Wakefield area.

You have probably already asked yourself why your teeth get discoloured and there are several causes for this:

  • Food, drinks, smoking, and lifestyle in general
  • The environment, e.g. an excessive use of fluoride
  • Advancing age – the outer layer of your tooth enamel gets worn with age
  • Genetics – some people simply have lighter teeth than others
  • Poor dental hygiene – failing to properly remove stain-producing substances, such as coffee or tobacco
  • Some diseases and medications can affect enamel, which can lead to discolouration.
The question remains - how can you have your teeth shine brighter and raise your confidence? At Poldent, we believe the best way to achieve that is through conventional teeth whitening. It’s a tried and tested method of teeth whitening that guarantees the best results for all of your teeth.
The whole process is carried out at home by you, the patient, with the dentist overseeing it during scheduled visits. To achieve this, we utilise custom-made celluloid bleaching trays modelled on the impressions of your jaws. The trays are filled out with whitening gel that uses carbamide peroxide, fluoride, and potassium nitrate as its active whitening agents. It’s an effective substance that, on top of being a reliable whitening gel, helps prevent hypersensitivity. The staff will teach you how to apply the gel effectively on your own. Depending on the intensity of the gel (10%, 15%, or 20%), the time that the gel needs to be worn will differ, with 20% gel needing to be applied for 4 hours, while the other variants for 8-10 hours – in those cases, it is actually recommended that you to sleep with the trays on. This type of whitening takes 7 to 10 days and the effect lasts for about 2 years.
It is important to note that existing prosthetic restorations, such as bridges, crowns, fillings, etc. will not be affected by the whitening procedure. Should the contrast be noticeable, it is possible for us to replace the old prosthetics with whiter ones that will match the new whiteness of the teeth. Hypersensitivity to coldness during the whitening process may occur, but it only happens to a small percentage of patients.
If you are from the Leeds or Wakefield area, book a teeth whitening appointment with us and see how effortless but effective our treatment is! Have a brighter smile and feel more confident today!
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